I'm going through a lot of changes at the moment and applying for a number of programmes, so my statement is in a state of flux. Here are some notes I've written recently in lieu of something more coherent.

- My work includes painting, sculpture, comic books, animation and tarot reading. It's rooted most firmly in drawing. Most of my work begins as a sketch or grows out of looking at the natural world as well as the objects and materials of my life. I find inspiration in mythologies: tales of transformation and alchemy, occult practices (tarot, sigil craft, meditation). 

- Out of these metaphysical landscapes (and in some cases practical studies) fall out many threads engendered in ancient stories. The Coyote, like Prometheus, is an old god of trickery and 'the threshold'. Eluding any single space, he evolves culture and stirs the imagination through endless acts of creation, destruction and theft. He is me, and not me, sets traps and is trapped, eats and yet is always hungry.

- Mystic travellers, caves holding secrets, buildings without doors and limbs coming out of (or receding into) other dimensions. They are all here in service to the magic of materials like paint, clay and charcoal, as much as they are birthed by the possibilities inherent in them. In this way I understand the materials of my work - their physics and the chemistry at play - as essential to that which they depict. Just as the act of seeing is one of translation, the act of mark-making is one of transformation. In this world, wondrous materials are metamorphosed or transmuted into people, places, and objects capable of utilising those properties.